A Room Full of Sparkles - a tribute to Mark Linkous

by Oh!Dear Records

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Oh!Dear Records has some favourite people. A lot of these favourite people are musicians and quite a few of these, unfortunately, are dead musicians.
Mark Linkous shot himself in the heart on the 6th of march 2010 at 1.20 PM outside a good friend's house in Knoxville, Tennessee. No note, he was out for a walk, he'd said. Sparklehorse leader, in fifteen years with the band he worked with (amongst others) Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and John Parish.

“I've been trying to write really simple songs to make them sound like they're coming out of a satellite that's crashing into a gas giant or something”. M.L

Seven years after his passing, Oh!Dear Records asked old and new friends to make Linkous' simple songs explode in their bedrooms, in their own way. An intimate celebration, which focuses on the creative/working/recreational space of each band and musician involved. An entirely self-produced, self-promoted, D.I.Y project, with zero budget and a great desire to celebrate life, death and miracles of one of the most loved and missed voices.

“I never really made much money playing music. It's because I've never really worked with a producer who could make my music sound, I guess, like how the public wants it to sound”. M.L.

We asked the 17 participants to choose favourite song by Linkous, reinterpret, record and mix it in their studio/bedroom/rehearsal room.  Oh!Dear Records gave carte blanche from the start. No producer or sound engineer was contacted by the label.
The songs are raw and bare like the bands decided they should sound.
Loop machines, synths, acoustic guitars, violins and drums, are alternated in some of the most beautiful and original versions of Sparklehorse's more or less successful songs.
Only one condition: they were asked to attach a photo of the place where the magic occurred. Hence the idea of “A Room full of Sparkles”, which will be combined with a digital downloadable booklet, where all the photos, taken between Scotland, the Italian peninsula, Sardinia and Sicily, are gathered up.
A compilation which is more like a collection of memories, sensations and pure love. A project that has brought artists together with the intent of showing the reasons why music makes us so obsessed: not for fame, not for money but to feel part of something bigger than ourselves even when we are alone in our little bedrooms.


released March 6, 2017

This project has been possible thanks to all sixteen wonderful bands
that gave us (and you!) their beautiful music, and most of all because
of the unvaluable gifts Mark Linkous has left to this world. Oh! Dear
Records would like to thank everyone involved in this journey.
Both Artworks by Gianluca Gallo, all photos made by the bands.